PART A – The body

The body is made by 2 sets of machines to fold the metal plate of each size of can, 2 automatic welding machines, 2 cooling machines and 4 conveyor belts. All synchronized for a full automatic production line.   

 A1 – X100 Automatic Welding Machine


Capacity (cans/min):80-100                        

Can Diameter (mm): 52-165               

Can Height (mm): 45-270                 

Plate Thickness (mm): 0.16-0.30        

Copper Wire (mm): 1.38-1.5     

Welding Speed (m/min): 26             

Welding Frequency (Hz): 80-260       

Weight (kg): 2000                

Dimension (mm): 2050x1600x2000

A2 – X150 Four Station Can Combination Machine

Capacity (cans/min): 50-100                       

Can Diameter (mm): 99-165               

Can Height (mm): 100-220                

Power (Kw): 7.5                                

Weight (Kg): 8700                 

Dimension (mm): 2700x1400x1300

A3 – X120 Three Station Can Combination Machine

Capacity (cans/min): 50-150

Can Diameter (mm): 52-110

Can Height(mm): 80-160  

Power (Kw): 7.5

Weight (Kg): 5700

Dimension (mm): 1860x1400x1300

A4 – Automatic Conveyor Belt

Power (Kw): 0.75

Dimension (mm): 3000x450x900  

Weight (Kg): 200

A5 –  5P Water Chiller


Compressor operation current(A): 10

Compressor input power(Kw): 1.5

Pump output power(Kw): 0.35

Pump flow rate(m³/h): 

Container Input(inch): 1/2

Container Capacity(L): 25

Temp Range(℃): 3-30

PART B – The Joints (Bottom Cover – Top Cover and Ring)

The joints are composed of a bottom cover of the body, a top cover which is attached to a ring that is joint to the top of the body. These Joints require an automatic line each for producing. All synchronized for a full automatic production line.  The diagrams explain the machinery positioning. The Charts explain the functions and system flow on the line. Also there is an extra line for recycling excess from cutting to produce small bottoms.

Bottom Cover Diagram – Bottom Chart and Recycling Excess Chart

Top Cover Diagram – Top Cover Chart

Ring Diagram – Ring Chart

PART C – High Qualified Verification, Engineering and Installation

C01 – Tin Plates for testing and Calibration

C02 – Veritas (Verification and Calibration) in China

C03 – Inspection of Installation and Training in the country of destination

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